"If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together"
— African Proverb

Making a difference.

Our livelihood comes from what the earth provides, so it only makes sense that we do what we can to take care of our planet. In the end, we are all connected, and what we do to help others helps us too. Our approach to sustainability is based on mutually beneficial partnerships with the environment, and with people.

Decisions that are good for our environment can also be good for your business. Sustainable practices have a strong, positive impact on food safety and quality. By empowering farmers with state-of-the-art technology and sharing the latest agricultural data with them, our supply partners help farmers improve the chances of successful crops in ways that don’t harm the environment we all depend on.

We offer you the opportunity to join us in improving our planet and the lives and communities of farmers working on your product.


Rainforest Alliance Certification

We are proud to announce that we can now offer chillies that have been grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms meet comprehensive standards for sustainable agriculture that protect wildlands, waterways, wildlife habitat and the rights and welfare of workers, their families and communities. To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance, visit www.rainforest-alliance.org.

Small causes making
a big difference.

BIO-DIVERSITY in Southern India

The importance of biodiversity and the ecosystem cannot be overstated. The degree of variation of life forms within a given species, ecosystem, biome or an entire planet must be tracked and, where possible, controlled. We realize the importance of community involvement and awareness and we work to increase both. Buchanan Trading is a proud financial supporter of initiatives to conserve small plots of uncultivable farmer-owned and communal land, where we promote native practices like fishing and honey bee rearing. The idea is to conserve native species and also to give farmers a source of income in Southern India’s otherwise barren lands.

The world is full of passionate people with dreams.  Entrepreneurial spirits flourish around the globe, yet not all of us have equal access to resources.  Buchanan Trading actively supports individuals and groups to help them realize their dreams.  Whether it’s books for medical school, help with buying farming equipment, or assistance with purchasing solar panels to green one’s business, a little help can make a big difference.  As a team, and individually, we are proud supporters of Kiva—a non-profit organization with a mission to alleviate poverty by connecting people through lending. Buchanan Trading is grateful to connect with a growing number of individuals and communities, helping them to enhance their lives through access to vital micro-financed loans.

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